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Auctions & Activities Abound!

Ladies Retreat 2023 has many activities to offer when we're not listening to our Proverbs 31 speaker, Lynn Cowell!

Bead Ornament Activity- $9

Yard Games + Archery

Purse Exchange- no charge, just bring a purse in good condition to pass on!

Bible Study

Fitness Class

Pre-conference workshop on Friday

Book Discussion- "5 Love Languages" by Carl Chapman... Read the book beforehand and get ready to discuss with other readers!

Silent Auction and Blitz Auction

Silent Auction- Donations are encouraged to be dropped off for our annual silent auction. Place bids throughout the day Saturday on some amazing baskets, crafts, homemade goodies and other treasures!

Blitz Auction- Bigger ticket items are auctioned off in our blitz auction! Join us for some exciting, fast-paced bidding wars and merriment!

To register for Ladies Retreat 2023, follow the link below!
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