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Fan the flames of anticipation and meet our speaker for Ladies Retreat 2022! Meet: Julie Johnston

I grew up going to Chambers Camp. In fact, I got saved there when I was 12 years old.

My home church is Bentley Creek Wesleyan Church.

I graduated from Mansfield University with a BS in Medical Technology (hospital lab work).

Over the years, I have worked at all three local hospitals. And I lived in Charlotte, NC for 6 years. But, for most of my lab career, I traveled all over the United States.

In 2010, God called me to become a missionary with the Jesus Film Project. They made a film on the life of Christ and have been translating it into other languages. My time at Jesus Film was spent doing a couple of different jobs. For a while I was part of the team that did the actual voice recordings overseas. Then, I transitioned into coordinating the translation of the script and the recording. For this, I traveled frequently to Southern and Eastern Africa.

Most recently, God has led me to write a book about what I have learned in my amazing journey with the Lord.

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