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Going once, going twice…

Don't forget to bring an item to auction off at our Silent Auction and/or Blitz Auction! Donations are not required but proceeds go right back into Chambers Camp! Chambers Camp is not only home to Ladies Retreat in fall, but several other retreats like family camp, kids camp, and more throughout the year.

What's the difference between a silent and blitz auction?

Silent Auction- bring home-made items, themed baskets, houseware, jewelry, and more to donate to our silent auction! You can peek at what the options are after our first session and bidding begins the next day! Peruse each table and make your bid!

Blitz Auction- here is where our big ticket priced items are auctioned off. They're a bit steeper price wise but why not gather some friends and go in on a big item together?! The more the merrier and it's always a rip-roaring time with Kristan Wager!

All items are to be dropped off in the big tent after registration... don't forget, all proceeds go right back into Chambers Camp!

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