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I help women find the courage to live by faith.

Our 2021 Retreat Speaker will be Heather M. Dixon -

The Rescued Letters

I’m Heather. I’m an author, speaker, and Bible teacher.

I’m also a survivor of Vascular Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, a genetic connective tissue disorder that makes blood vessels, arteries, and organs prone to spontaneous rupture. I help women find the courage to live by faith, especially when they don’t like their story. I think it takes great courage to face this broken world. I know this because I face it every day with a terminal, incurable disorder.

So my goal is to help you trust in God, face your greatest fears, and choose life, especially when life presents its most difficult circumstances. To do that, I speak and teach at women’s events, write and teach Bible studies, post encouraging things here on the blog and to my VIP email peeps, and serve as a regular contributor for Journey magazine.

To me, living with courage looks like putting two feet on the floor in the morning when you don’t like your story. You too? Let’s do it together by clinging to God’s grace.

To Keep reading about Heather's Story, please visit her website The Rescued Letters

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