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Registration Rave!

Hey ladies! Ladies Retreat 2023 is on her way! Can I get a whoop whoop?! With spring in the air and a spring in my step, I'm excited to announce that registration is just a short hop, skip and a step away!

Registration for Ladies Retreat 2023 will be open on June 1, 2023! You can register directly online!

A fun way to gather as many as your gal pals to our amazing retreat in the fall is to host a Registration Party! Have your gals over for some food and excitement while getting registered together for retreat online. Any excuse to have delicious food while planning a fun get away with my girls is all I need! Host at your home, church, favorite cafe... anywhere you'd like!

Stay tuned for registration and other details to come for our fabulous retreat! You can also garner excitement at Chamber's Camp upcoming Family Camp week! We will have a registration event during Family Camp to get everyone amped up for our fall retreat!

Date's for Family Camp 2023 at Chamber's Camp are: June 30 th- July 9th

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